I’m actually struggling in an English class and it sucks. My professor is being really generous in giving me extra time to do things especially because I keep messing up. But I think I’m just so flustered by everything going on in my life and also the fact I struggle to read and understand these texts that I physically and mentally cannot put anymore effort than I am, so the fact he keeps sending me back to fix things is frustrating. Not to mention i got a 75 on my paper for the first time. I’ve always been terrible with grammar and punctuation but its like I constantly mess things up in this class, to the point where I’m ashamed to even show up. I wish I had dropped this class and kept the abnormal psyche class.

its crazy how two years ago I was filming my friends dance and slide with paper plates taped to their feet in the student lounge and now I’m in between schools, one of them is a mother and wife, and the other is an econ major in Germany. Two years compiled so much into it and its really scary and every path is so fucking different like wow.

I say I can’t dance but tbh I’ve always been around people or had a possibility of someone walking in on me dancing so I like…don’t do it. So idk if I’m good or not

The lack of people I have around me that are willing to dive into food adventures with me is frustrating


as you watch that f-bombs for feminism video with the cute girls dressed as princesses screaming things about fucking the patriarchy, remember that fckh8 is a really!!! problematic company and just make sure you know where your money is going if you plan on buying one of their t shirts

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